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Communication tips for mental health supporters

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• Learn to acknowledge your relative as he/she is NOW. To the best degree conceivable, treat him/her the way you might treat any other person. Nobody preferences being dealt with as though they're "irregular." Be as matter of actuality as you can, and be true. 

• Keep at the top of the priority list that a finding does not mean an individual shouldn't be considered responsible for his/her conduct. Bipolar Disorder, for instance, is not an "Escape Jail Free" card. 

Decline to take part in discussions you know will be gotten combative. Pick a scripted reaction to utilize (e.g. "I'm not having this discussion at this moment.") and walk away, serenely. 

• Demand to be approached with deference. In the event that your relative is inconsiderate or oppressive, essentially say "I don't ever talk to/treat you like


  1. I wonder if cosseting someone is the right thing to do though? I know home should be a safe place for them, but it should also prepare them for the real world.



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