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Memory Loss and Its Causes

Generally, people accept the fact that their memory will fail them especially when they grow old. Most often, people associate growing old with mental illnesses like Alzheimer's disease, dementia and other mental problems. However, people need to understand the underlying causes of such problems because they can prevent it from happening. There are some things that they can do while they are still young in order for them to preserve their memory improvements and other brain functions at its best until they grow old.
As people approach their old age, their arteries and their veins get clogged because of plaque deposits. This contributes to the narrowing of the passage of blood which could restrict the blood flow going to the heart and to the brain as well. When there is not enough blood circulating in these important areas of the body, people may expect problems. The brain needs as much nutrients and oxygen that is delivered through the blood. Failure to provide sufficient supply to the brain may cause lesser efficiency rate when it comes to memory functions. People may not even notice that they are experiencing some form of very mild strokes which can cause damage to their brain cells.
The presence of free radicals in the body may also cause damages to the brain cells. When the body is not able to protect itself from this, there will be health as well as mental problems that can occur. People who are also deficient with the needed minerals and vitamins like B6 and B12 may also suffer from memory loss. In order for people to combat these problems that may affect their brain functions, they need to include antioxidant as well as vitamin B rich foods into their diet. They may consult with professional dieticians as to the amount that they need in order to keep their bodies and their brains working with the highest efficiency rate.
Aside from the right diet, people also need to do some regular exercises and to get sufficient amount of sleep. Those who are able to keep their bodies healthy may also have better cognitive functioning. They may also make some modifications in their lifestyles for them to enhance their memory and to keep it intact until they grow old. Although there are supplements available for those who would like to enhance their memory, they need to ask their doctors how to improve memory. People can prevent the occurrence of memory loss and they can also look forward to growing old without necessarily losing their memory.

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