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The Benefits of Quiet Time

We live in a stressful and rapidly changing world, one we do our best to keep up with, but with the increasing pace of technology, continued future uncertainty and an exploding global marketplace it is critical that we find time to de-stress, relax and just slow our pace down. If we fail to achieve the ability to step back away from the chaos from time to time we will only add greater stress to our life with increased negative physical and often mental consequences.
Why is it that everyone rushes through their days - even weekends or time off from their career or business? Why do so many drivers speed toward their destination when all they do is then speed through their next activity and the next and the next?
I can't tell you how many people pass me on the highway (and I'm going five miles per hour over the speed limit) or cut me off every day just to get somewhere they are going five minutes earlier or faster.
I can't tell you how many people get annoyed when they have to wait in line for a few minutes.
Is everyone so obsessed with their own importance and the apparent lack of respect or compassion for others as they too are just trying to get through their day with as little drama or disruptions as they can?
I watch people; leave church on Sunday morning in a hurry, rush through a family dining out meal or getting upset because life is not happening according to their agenda or schedule.
I watch as couples spend time on their cell phones while out for an apparent romantic dinner or lunch together.
I could go on with dozens of examples like this, but back to the main point of this article. Do you have time or take time for quiet time during your day or even your week?
I'll wager that the answer for most of you is - NO.
The mind and body need down time and I'm not talking about sleeping time, but just time to chill, relax (no TV, No cell phone, No I Pad etc) and slow down the rapid pace of life.
Here's a thought for you - no matter how fast you move or how much you do - there will always be something more to do and in the end when you die there will be more stuff in your in-basket or on your plate or bucket list that will never get done or accomplished.
In contrast - with some routine quiet time you may find that you ultimately enjoy your life and present moments more while not constantly focused on the future or the past. We are all going to die. And none of us are going to do everything we wanted to do while we were here. There will always be; words left unsaid, regrets, goals not achieved or any number of actions not taken.
Quiet time - turning life off for a brief time each day can do wonders for your inner peace and ultimate joy and happiness. No worry, no stress, no thoughts about tomorrow and no concerns about yesterday. Just shutting the outside world off and letting your active mind, spirit and body feel calm and serene.
I know people who have tried this relaxing down time or quiet times and even rush through this activity - so they can check this off their daily to do list as fast as possible. Guilty? I know I have been in the past.
Quiet time can give you better; solutions to your challenges, a more creative way to accomplish tasks and juts give your inner self time to re-group.
Even if it's only a few minutes each and every day is better than nothing. But, I can guarantee that if you will form the habit of taking ten to twenty minutes a minimum of once a day to chill, relax and be still you will be amazed at the energy you will create for when it's time to - get back into the fray.


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