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Optimism - Playing Mind Games To Achieve Success

Optimism is what keeps you going when things are not working out. Many books on success tell people to behave and act like they are successful in order to achieve success. The authors have a point. When you fake success over time you become more positive and result oriented. Success follows soon enough.
Of course when you are asked to think and act like you are already a success story they are not suggesting that you use it to con people, abuse people's trust or manipulate events. No, it does not mean you can start acting like a doctor when you don't have a medical school degree or act like lawyer without being one. That's faking.
The advice given by experts is to play mind games where you tell yourself that you can choose to be what you want to be and future you want to create. Here you convince your brain that failure is not an option. Rather you have the power within you to create the kind of world you want and surround yourself with people you truly care about.
Optimists have the confidence and determination within themselves to get over obstacles and achieve true and lasting victories. The path to your final goal is not easy or without difficulties. It is littered with giant potholes and huge bumps. A lot many things go wrong. The smaller goals you set yourself often are not met.
The journey towards your final destination isn't a smooth upward sloping line. It's a jagged line with many dips and ups. Over and over you need to retrace your path. The final soaring success that everyone sees is achieved because optimists have the ability to persist and keep moving forward. These folks have the ability to look at failures as minor hiccups. It teaches them about things that don't work and those that work.
After several trials and errors you end up with blueprint for success. A plan that works. Of course it can sometimes be used to replicate more successes. But more often it is the mindset you gain that helps to achieve big successes in life.
Of course this journey is littered with disasters. The one lesson that you have to learn is to never give up. Never lose hope or confidence. If you lose everything in life but retain your hope and confidence then you will always win in life. Those who lose their hope and confidence have an uphill battle indeed.
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