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Keep Your Memory Sharp

You exercise not only to keep you fit but also to boost your strength. The other area that's important to exercise is your mind.
Physical exercise not only helps your body but is also a way to increase your memory so that you can stay focused and also keep your mind sharp.
Any kind of physical exercise is good for increasing blood flow to your brain which of course means that you enhance your thinking process. However, there are actually specific physical exercises you can do to get your mind working even more effectively.
When you do exercises that involve balance you are stimulating your memory because you require your mind to work to keep your body stabilized.
When you see athletes doing gymnastics this often takes a great deal of balance so their brain is constantly being stimulated to keep them from falling.
You might want to try include a balance ball when you exercise or you can even increase balance by standing in yoga poses on one leg.
When you are taking in larger amounts of oxygen, the blood flow to your brain becomes more efficient and also increases your lung capacity.When you are running or swimming it forces the body to take in more oxygen which then increases the blood flow to your brain.
If you find yourself forgetting things, think about doing some kind of regular exercise which will help your brain to function better and it will be able to store more information.
Learn to stimulate your brain in different ways. If you are right handed try playing tennis or golf with your other hand. If you write with your right hand change to writing with your left hand from time to time. When you challenge your brain this way keeps it from becoming complacent by forcing you to use your faculties in unusual ways.
Next time you shower or get dressed or even if you are making a bowl of cereal try doing it with your eyes closed.Your brain has to work much harder when you give it challenges and this keeps it sharper allowing you to stay more focused.
Mental activities are also very important for your brain to keep functioning at an active level.There's a technique called chunking that can be used to help with memory storage.
It works by using short-term memory to recall a certain set of numbers or ideas.For an adult, a normal memory range is about seven pieces of data.Once your mind reaches that number, new data just replaces some of the old.
You can use puzzles or crosswords to help your memory stay sharp.If you have a habit of forgetting people's names for instance, you can make up something that goes with their name and the next time you see them you will find it easier to remember who they are. When you make up pictures or silly mnemonics to go with information, your mind will often remember just based on the fact it was nonsense.Some people use this technique to remember directions or a series of events or even when giving a presentation.
Whether you are doing physical exercise or completing a crossword puzzle your brain will reap the benefits if you do something like this consistently. As with any other muscle, the more the brain is worked out, the stronger it will become.
Transformation Expert and certified coach Hazel Palache is the president of Your Stairway to Wealth and an Amazon, best selling author and motivational speaker. Additionally she is certified as a master clinical hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and stress management counselor. Using the tools of NLP and hypnosis as well as her vast life and business experience, she teaches women 45 plus, how to let go of fear and doubt so they increase their self confidence and become empowered to live lives infused with financial freedom, more free time and more joy. For more information and to register for her complimentary E-Book, Lifestyle and Business Alchemy - 10 Steps to turn Mistakes into Success, visit


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