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Is mental illness hereditary?

Is mental illness hereditary?

Many factors contribute to the onset of mental disorder, however the exact cause is not known . Depending on your diagnosis, the cause can be one or a combination of all these factors. Each case is different and you should make sure to follow your doctor's suggestions regarding medication and lifestyle. Let's face it , a person with diabetes should make changes , we serious lifestyle to stay healthy, and so does a person with a mental disorder.

Eyes color is inherited from those of the parents of a quite predictable and therefore there are a number of known genetic diseases. This is not the case for all mental disorders.
For some mental disorders that no matter who your parents are , but can not be predicted in the same way that the effect of the eye color of the aura .

One time a sufferer ask : Few of my aunts and uncles had mental illnesses and my grandfather has dementia. Does that mean I have mental illness? Is mental illness hereditary?

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Is mental illness hereditary?
Is mental illness hereditary
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