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Four Magical Tips to Improve Your Memory

Aristotle's famous quote "Man is by nature a social animal" is quite true. We all are animals, but the thing that separates us from animals is the ability to use our brains. God has given us a brain which we can use and achieve the impossible. It was only a human brain that invented computers, a gadget that totally changed the life of human beings.
An important part of a having a good brain is to have a good memory. Today, in this competitive world everyone wants to stay ahead of others and that is only possible if you have a good memory. Even in the professional world one has to be mentally sharp in order to be a successful professional. There are different ways through which you can increase your memory power. Applying the below mentioned four tips can help you to achieve success in the academic as well as professional life.
Tip 1: Do not skip exercise and sleep. Both of them are equally important to nurture your brain. Exercising every day helps to intake oxygen in adequate amount inside your brain thereby activating the brain cells and thus improving the memory power.
Not having adequate sleep weakens the brain cells thereby reducing the creative capacity, problem solving abilities and analytical skills. Research has shown that during a deep sleep important memory enhancing activity takes place.
Tip 2: Keep good relationship with people. A study done by Harvard School of Public Health shows that people engaged in social life or interacting with others have a very good memory power. There are numerous ways on how we can improve the memory by frequent interactions with people such as joining an NGO and indulging in some activity or speaking with friends and relatives over the phone.
Laughing is yet another interesting way that always keeps the brain active and the memory sharp. Listening to jokes stimulates parts of the brain. If you are not able to do it then you can start laughing at yourself by explaining the most embarrassing situations of your life to friends.
Tip 3: Avoid taking too much stress. Taking too much stress destroys hippocampus, part of the brain from where all the creative ideas come out. Meditation is one of the most effective ways to drive away stress from the body. Studies have shown that people who meditate regularly enjoy life to the fullest.
Many people go in to depression and suffer from fatigue by taking too much stress as a result of which they are not able to focus on any work that they perform.
Tip 4: Have a healthy diet. Just as protein is necessary in order to have a muscular body; in the same way, our brain also needs quality food to keep it active all the time. Eating fruits and vegetables helps to prevent the cells of the brain from getting damaged. Green tea also works wonderfully and helps to improve the memory.
Consuming wine in moderation also helps to activate the brain cells, but it should not be consumed daily.
Hence applying the four simple tips you can see a drastic change in your memory in just a few days.


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