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Explosive personality disorder

Explosive personality disorder

Explosive personality disorder
Explosive personality disorder

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Some of the symptoms you may feel that leads to an episode is an intense feeling of wanting to hurt something , sometimes without a legitimate reason to be angry, intense anger or irritability , increased energy, and racing thoughts. One report I read said, " Some people also complain that their aggressive episodes are often preceded or accompanied by symptoms such as tingling , tremors , palpitations, chest tightness , head pressure , or hear an echo. "

Explosive personality disorder:

This disorder is still under investigation and no sense what makes this happen . Some facts : it is more common with men , most people diagnosed with this disorder have occurrences of episodes in adolescence to the thirties , and is considered rare , but increasingly being diagnosed . Women who suffer from episodes reported more frequently during PMS .

The best treatment for this condition is a combination of drugs together with behavior modification techniques . A person with FDI will go through the evidence for other personality disorders , such as bipolar disorder , ADHD and antisocial disorder. Currently , there is no known way to prevent the IDE.

I have no intention of this article is a way to deny or make an excuse for domestic violence in the home or the home of someone you know who is being abused . During the quiet end of an episode , you can suggest your abuser could be a likely cause of his violent behavior . This could open the dialogue of the two seek professional help .

Explosive personality disorder

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