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How Do You Deal With Depression?

Depression can creep up on us at times when we least expect it.
Most often it's waiting right around the corner the moment our day goes bad. Many things that happen during the day can lead to depression and cause us to self destruct mentally.
For example when things go wrong at work. The boss states that he's cutting back hours from those who aren't putting in work, and you happen to be one of those employees. You begin to think about bills and then shift those negative thoughts towards yourself and your performance. You begin to think about how much of a dud you are or even how much of a slacker you are. In reality it isn't true but in our mind it very much seems that way.
Another example could be during a public setting. You are at a party or small get together, and you spot someone who you are interested in. that negative voice in the back of your head tells you that you aren't good enough and that he or she wouldn't be caught dead conversing with you. At that point you feel like a total failure and not worth anyone's time.
So what do you do when this occurs? Many of us find it easy to snap back into reality while others may dwell on the situation for the rest of the night and throughout the week. How do you handle your depression and what are some tricks you do that has you snapping back?
Do you find your fix with eating and drinking? Or do you curl up in your room and read one of your favorite books? Is television a cure or do you put on your jogging shoes and take a nice run on the treadmill?
Write down some things you love doing. When you are depressed you can grab your list of things you like to do and try one of them. Most of us know that when depressed we don't like to do anything we love let alone turn on our side's while mopping in our beds.
Even though we may not feel like much or feel like doing much, forcing ourselves to watch a funny little clip, listen to our favorite songs, or even writing down how we feel when we are down can get us feeling a little better and even motivated to get in a better mood.


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