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DIY - Motivating Yourself and Achieving Your Highest Goals

Do-it-yourself guide to motivating yourself and achieving high goals
Have you ever tried to achieve something that you have never done before? If not, then you need motivation to start on something strange to you and expand your level of self-exploration. Everyone needs a push to achieve big things; some get it from being hurt emotionally and others get it through motivational content. To motivate yourself and fulfill your dreams or move closer to your goals, the tips mentioned below might be helpful.
  • Start with something new: Beginning is always the toughest part, so organize yourself and put your brain in action to get started. You may begin thinking that you will quit in the end, but once you start on a task, your mind will persuade you to finish the job.
  • Divide & conquer: In order to conquer a big challenge, divide it into smaller chunks and get it done part by part. Successfully performing small tasks to begin with will build up your confidence, and you will be surprised how easy it is to finish the whole job.
  • Be positive: Always have a positive attitude towards your life. Whenever you get sad, play your favorite music or do other things that make you happy.
  • Speak out about it: Try to tell your friends and family members about any goals you have set for yourself. More than likely, they will encourage you and give you some healthy suggestions for achieving your goals more easily.
  • Imagine the results: Try to imagine positive outcomes and the rewards associated with them. This will help you motivate yourself to work more on the task to reap the rewards.
  • Energize your brain & body: Imbibing an energy drink can fuel both your body and mind before any task for which you lack confidence. Regular exercise along with plenty of sleep will keep your mind fresh and your body fit. Try to skip sugar, as it can kill your motivation very easily and quickly.
  • Self-praise: You should appreciate the efforts that you make to achieve a goal, either small or big. Begin with the small ones, and you will experience an uplift in your self confidence to take on bigger tasks.
  • Choose your clothes: The color and type of dress that you wear can be a great motivator for you. Wear a dress that you feel comfortable in, rather than the one that merely makes you look better. Remember that the choice of colors is important because different people are motivated differently by each color. So choose your color, and stop being nervous.
  • Remember your goals: Motivation can fade away with time, which will reduce your efforts to achieve a better you. You can counteract this by listing all the goals that motivate you to achieve success and hanging the list in an easily accessible and visible place.
Follow these steps to motivate yourself and move up in your life, strengthening your mind and body and achieving your goals.
Article originally written by Jonathan Bello who runs where he is dedicated to creating a blog about personal growth and self improvement. Join Jonathan, as he provides an enormous amount of amazing life tools as the 13 life virtues by Benjamin Franklin. To learn more about Jonathan and his movement go to


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