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Ten simple ways to have a good mental health.

1. Trust yourself

Determine your strengths and weaknesses, accept them, build on them and do your best with what you have.

2. Accept compliments

Many of us have difficulty accepting compliments that are done to us, but we all need to remind ourselves of positive signs of recognition when we live in difficult times.

3. Make time for family and friends

We need to maintain these relationships, if we lack respect towards them, they will not be there to share our joys and sorrows.

4. Give and accept support

Relations with our friends and our family members are strengthened when put to the test.

5. Establish a sensible budget

Financial problems are a source of stress. Often we spend on things you want rather than for necessities.

6. Volunteer

Participate in community gives a clear sense of purpose, and we derive a satisfaction that paid work can not.

7. Manage your stress

We all have stressors in our lives have, but we must learn to overcome in order to keep our sanity.

8. Find strength in numbers

The sharing of a problem with people who have similar experiences can help you find a solution and make you feel less isolated.

9. Identify your moods and make them face

We all need to find safe and constructive ways to express our anger, our pain, our joy and fear.

10. Be at peace with yourself

Know yourself, to know what makes you really happy, and find a balance between what you can change in yourself and what you can not change.


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