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Long Term Space Exploration; Physical and Mental Health Limitations

Long-term space flight will take its toll on astronauts including entropy, bone loss, radiation and a feeling of loneliness. For us to send people into long-term space flights, which could take years if not decades we will need to consider modification concepts to our space craft.
There are a number of things we can do. I propose that the water we will need for these space missions be stored along the outer shells of the astronauts quarters thus protect them from radiation. I also propose that the astronaut's quarters spin at a rate to provide centripetal force simulating gravity. I also propose that the resonance of all equipment leave a near Earth frequency of 7.89 Hz to help keep the immune system synchronized with what the human body is use to.
One thing we can do it allow astronauts to receive emails, although they will be hours or days in delay, they can read them and reply to Earthlings and students with questions.
Also we will need artificial intelligent robotic companions, with down loadable information for studying, entertainment and someone to shoot the breeze with. The companion robot will need to be much better than the current artificial intelligent robots available. Consider these few modifications and I am ready to go.

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