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Fear and Causes of Depression

Causes of Depression
Have you ever wondered what causes depression? Perhaps you've received a diagnosis of depression and it made you wonder why some people get depressed while others do not.
Depression is a very complex disease and occurs for many different reasons. Some people get depressed as a result of a serious physical illness. Others may get depressed due to major life changes such as moving and leaving friends or death of a loved one, and some people have a family history of depression and may be obtained without any particular reason.
Cause of depression
What are the main causes of depression?
Abuse. Physical, sexual or emotional abuse in the past, resulting in depression later in life.
Certain drugs. Some drugs used to treat high blood pressure, such as beta - blockers or reserpine, can increase the risk for depression.
Conflict. Depression can occur as a result of conflicts or disagreements with family members or friends.
Death or loss of a beloved. Grief and sorrow over the death or loss of a loved one, even though a normal part of life, can contribute to depression.
Genetics. It is believed that the tendency to depression partly genetically transmitted to the next generation, but the way in which this happens is still unknown.
Major changes and events in their lives. Even positive changes such as the completion of their education, getting a job or entering into a marriage can cause depression, and it can do and bad events such as job loss or divorce.
Other personal problems. Problems such as social isolation or izbaƄenje from a group in which you want to be.
Serious illness. Many serious physical illness can take away energy and make you depressed.
Addiction to alcohol or other harmful substances. Around 30 % of people with this problem and has severe or clinical depression.
Does biology to do with depression?
Scientists have found differences in the brains of people who are depressed and those who did not. For example, the hippocampus, a tiny part of the brain vital to preserving the memory is often lower in people with a history of depression. A smaller hippocampus has fewer receptors for serotonin ( a neurotransmitter that gives us a sense of calm and contentment ). In a game that many other neurotransmitters such as dopamine or norepenefrin.
Although it is not yet clear why depressed people have a smaller hippocampus ( there are several theories ), one thing is clear - Depression is a complex disease that is affected by many factors, and the study of biological and chemical processes behind the state of depression will come to more effective ways to combat this disease.


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