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DEPRESSION in Today's Life

In modern times, depression seems to be a major problem faced by everyone. Right from students to professionals, the frequent use of this word in every day conversation is alarming. Depression is experiencing a state of dejection or low energy and lack of interest to do anything. It can give rise to many physical and mental illnesses if not taken care of in the early stage.
The causes of depression may be varied. Some of them are:
1) Long term physical ailment.
2) Being subject to physical humiliation.
3) Being compared with someone constantly on the subject of wealth, looks and so on.
4) Inability to achieve a set goal either in career or academics.
5) Stringent social norms: facing difficulties due to one's caste or creed.
6) Living in long term impoverishment.
7) Trauma or shock. For e.g. death of near ones.
It can be dealt with effectively if one can recognise the symptoms of depression. The symptoms of depression include:
1) Lack of interest in social activities.
2) Continual lethargic tendencies.
3) Losing interest in physical exercise or sports.
4) Irregular food habits which include excessive or reduced food intake.
5) Inability to control anger or getting furious for trivial reasons.
Here are some tips on how to treat depression:
1) Time is the best solution: If the person undergoing depression wants to stay alone allow him/her to do so. However, keep monitoring their activities. Chances are that the depressive tendencies will subside on their own.
2) Talk to them: If you are close to the person facing this issue, have a casual conversation considering his/her mood. Such frequent conversations can help resolve this problem.
3) Break the routine: A monotonous routine is often the cause of boredom and subsequent depression. Allow the individual a break from the daily activities. Organise an outing or a long trip. Change in surroundings often helps in relieving the person of depression.
4) Engage in hobby classes: If you know the hobbies of the person facing depression, engage him/her in a class or workshop for it. Nowadays many short term courses are held even for working individuals to help them engage in some creative activity.
5) Consult the specialist: If the problem of depression seems to continue in spite of efforts on your part you can consult a specialist who deals with this. This can include the family doctor, a psychiatrist or even a counselor.
Depression, if neglected, can result in the person becoming paranoid or living in illusions. Such a person's activities can be harmful not only to his well being but also to the society he lives in. The best way to treat this issue is to prevent it. This can be done by regular socializing, organising awareness camps and regular medical check-ups.
Today, the major cause of depression in the society seems to be economic instability. Regular and healthy discussions on the role of money in our life on various platforms can help put an end to the depression which arises out of this anxiety.
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