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What is bipolar disorder ?

What Is Bipolar Disorder ? manic-depressive illness as well as Bipolar disorder is a psychological illness identified by abnormal mood changes , as well as variations in energy , activity degrees in addition to the capability tocomplete daily tasks . 

"There's a complete spectrum of warning signs and mood variations that have been found in bipolar illness ," claims Michael Aronson , MD , a scientific psychiatrist . "It's not at all times dramatic feeling swings . In reality , some individuals appear to get along all right . The manic times can be very , extremely productive . They believe things are going fantastic ." 

What is Bipolar disorder ?
is a dangerous mental disorder that can harm relationships , physical health , intellectual performance , and can also lead to suicidal tendencies . An individual with bipolar illness has serious fluctuations in mood ( poles ) - from depressive disorders to mania . Generally , moods are normal in between the peaks and troughs . 
Researchers from the Federal Institute of Psychological Health , Genetic Epidemiology Research Branch , documented in Archives of General Psychiatry that bipolar illness rates in the United States are higher than somewhere else in the world . 
On this video , Dr . Erdelyi clarifies what is Bipolar disorder :

What is bipolar disorder ?

What is bipolar disorder ?


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