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Mental health test: anxiety

Mental health test
Not at allAll the time
1. I am able to relax.
2. I tend to focus on upsetting situations or events happening in my life.
3. I feel fearful for no reason.
4. I am as happy as the people around me.
5. I have diarrhea, constipation, or other digestive problems.
6. I have a dry mouth.
7. When someone snaps at me, I spend the rest of the day thinking about it.
8. No matter what I do, I can't get my mind off my problems.
9. I am easily alarmed, frightened, or surprised.
10. I experience shortness of breath or choking feelings.
11. My muscles are tense, aching, or sore.

Mental health test

12. I have sweaty or cold, clammy hands.
13. I spend time wondering why I feel the way I do.
14. I am afraid of crowds, being left alone, the dark, of strangers, or of traffic.
15. I faint or feel like fainting.
16. I have difficulty swallowing or have a "lump in throat" feeling.
17. I experience twitching, trembling or shaky feelings.
18. I think a lot about why I do the things I do.
19. I am easily irritated.
20. I feel futile.
21. I have hot and/or cold flashes.
22. I think about all the things I have not yet accomplished.

Mental health testNot at allAll the time
23. I have trouble falling or staying asleep.
24. I feel dizzy or light-headed.
25. I feel tired.
26. I am decisive.
27. I am afraid of what awaits me in the future.
28. I get numbness and/or tingling feeling in my extremities (i.e. hands, feet, etc.).
29. I have difficulty concentrating or remembering things.
30. I have palpitations, pounding heart, or accelerated heart rate.
31. I have to empty my bladder frequently.
32. I can think about a problem for hours and still not feel that the issue is resolved.
33. I think about how unsatisfied I am with my life.

Mental health testNot at allAll the time
34. I worry a lot.
35. I feel tense or on edge.
36. I have headaches or neck pain.
37. I worry about my health or dying.
38. I have nightmares.
39. I have less interest in activities that I normally enjoyed.
40. I feel good about myself.
41. I feel I am losing control.
42. To me, the world is a scary place.

Mental health test
  • Are you currently taking any medication to alleviate your anxiety?
Mental health test


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