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Terror Barrier! (MHM-Mental Health Matters)

The Blasted terror barrier, what exactly is it? Have you ever seen a dear stuck in his spot in your head lights? Just frozen they are unable to move? He is struck with terror and can not move from his spot even if it means he gets squished and dies. This is what sort of happens to us, we get caught in the bright lights of life, which is our past and how we've always acted! We can now break through the terror barrier and move from out of those lights and then we won't get squished by the past and we then move on past the terror barrier, unto a new reality which is free from terror!
You may be asking your self how do I break all these bad habits and be frozen in the past or the way we have been taught to act in certain situations. First we have to find a way that works for us, to get past the terror barrier.
It was put to me in these certain terms, now don't laugh, it sounds so simple that I even said what the hell, this can't be it! IF YOU DO THE THING, YOU WILL HAVE THE POWER, IF YOU DON'T DO THE THING, YOU WON'T HAVE THE POWER!
Can you it really be that simple? Yes and no is my answer. For thirty six years of my life I fought the terror barrier and have just recently found out how to break this nasty little wall of terror. The good thing for you is, you will now have a blue print to overcome this terror barrier, which I struggled with for my whole life!
What is our first step in overcoming the terror barrier? Self relation that a terror barrier does truly exist and that you are affected by it every day it literally takes control over you. Now what do you think chances of beating are? If you can't do this step you sure as hell aren't going to go to the next step, so if you disagree that there is no terror barrier, then please stop reading this book right now, and send it back for a full refund.
Now what is our next step in overcoming the terror barrier? Recognition that you are helpless over the terror barrier right now, but there is hope and recognize that hope is always there and will always be there and you can tap into the universal power that is one with God. Now once you get a handle on this step you will find out that you can use this and apply it to any situation in your life.
Relentlessness' pursuit of your goal or dreams, if you get knocked down, get back up and try it again the only way you are considered a failure is if you stop trying. If you but will continue to try then each failure or not getting the right results you want, moves you one step closer to your dreams.
Just because you don't make on your first try don't sweat it, you can make it on the second or third time and this is a given. Robert Kiosks says you will fail nine times out of ten, but it's the tenth one that makes you a millionaire. So being rent less in your pursuit of any dream or goal, will get you that much closer, each time you fail or you do not get the desired 
Results you are that much closer to your desired results. So being a failure is not so bad because the more you fail the closer you are getting to what you want. So be rent less in your pursuit of your dreams and goals and know that next failure gets you one step closer to your desired results.

Now we have covered the three a r's, Recognition, Realization, Relentlessness. What is next? Well it sort of goes like this. Zig Ziglar says that failure is an event not a person.
So who cares if you fail that is not you, which is just some event that got you one step closer to your desired results. So please know when you are failing that is not who you are, it is just something that happened to you, it is an event. Your time will come and before you know it you will overcome that terror barrier!
Now do you see that with these three action steps you get closer and closer to overcoming your terror barrier? Well you should because every step gets you closer to your goals. Now you will sometimes erect wall that keep you in the place where you are at. I bet you are saying no way why would I do that? Let me explain.
Every time you think you are getting to where it is you want to go. POW everything falls apart and you have to stay where you are at. Why is this so, the brain knows that it is much easier to stay where you are then to do all the work required to get to the next level.
We erect barriers that weren't normally going to be there. We self sabotage your plans and we don't even know this. Now once we understand that this is what we are doing, we can find a way to stop it. How? By the three R's so follow the steps we have just outlined and you will be well on your way to beat the thing we call the nasty terror barrier and this will stretch your reality and then you will see a whole new world open up to you!
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