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Movies with mental illness

Movies with mental illness

We Know there are several movies with mental illness . . 
I really do many web research on movies with mental illnesse and it got me thinking about characters/films that display psychological health problems to get the best insight about what each condition is , its signs and symptoms and theinfluence on someones existence it has and for those searching for information in another form .

Fatal Attraction - Borderline Personality illness
The Virgin Suicides - Suicide, depression
Session 9 - Anxiety
One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest - Schrizophrenia
The Beach -  Schizophrenia ,Self Harm
Numb - Derealisation disorder/Depersonalisation
A Beautiful Mind -  Paranoia ,Schizophrenia
Girl Interupted - Borderline Personality Ilnesses
Copycat - Agorphobia
The Madness of King George -  acute intermittent porphyria,Dementia
Psycho - Multiple Personality Disorder
Silence Of The Lambs - Antisocial Personality illness
Basic Instinct - Narcisstic Personality illness
Natural Born Killers - Antisocial Personality illness

Movies with mental illness


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