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Movies about schizophrenia

Movies about schizophrenia

Movies about schizophrenia as well as other mental disorder abound in both the private and major filmmaking industrial sectors . These Movies about schizophrenia give exposure to the community about the realities of mental disorder , particularly schizophrenia , which supports reduce the persistent , powerful stigma surrounding these types of disorders . 
Movies about schizophreniaTake a look at these Movies about schizophrenia , presenting characters dealing with the illness and its effect on those around them :

Ron Howard directs and Russell Crowe and also Jennifer Connelly movie star in this Oscar successful movie informing the true story of Nobel Prize Champion , John Nash’s battle with schizophrenia . The movie journeys via his battles , finishing in Nash’s eventual prevail over the devastating results of the illness .

Movies about schizophreniaA screen adaption of the real life story of Nathaniel Anthony Ayers ( presented by Jamie Foxx ) , a previous college student at the Julliard College of Music , who plummets into the black world of schizophrenia . A reporter , Steve Lopez ( shown by Robert Downey , Jr . ) , befriends Ayers , modifying the course of their lives permanently .

Revolution #9 –
A schizophrenia movie that precisely depicts the pain experienced by a young man , Jackson , since he descends into the depths of the disastrous psychological disorder . Jackson has paranoid delusions that his girlfriend’s nephew is interacting with him by delivering mysterious and also troubling messages via intenet .

This 1997 movie , starring Johnny Depp and also Mary Stuart Masterson , informs of the positive options available to those suffering from schizophrenia . 

Through a Cup Darkly –
An award-winning Swedish movie dating returning to the mid 1960s , stars Igmar Bergman with schizophrenia . 

Donnie Darko – 
Several adolescents , which includes Donnie who takes treatment for a mental disorder , presumably schizophrenia due to the delusions he experiences throughout the movie , finishes inconclusively .

Angel Baby –
A brutally reasonable movie , shot in Australia , informs of a romantically involved couple , the two of whom have problems with schizophrenia . Individuals who have had experience with schizophrenia must possibly avoid seeing this film as the sadness and realism could prove too troubling for them to handle .

The chosen schizophrenia documentaries and also educational movies listed here represent only some of the numerous quality , journalistic films about schizophrenia available .

1/People Say I’m Crazy – A film that provides an original viewing experience with regards to schizophrenia documentaries . This movie starts by documenting a school senior’s treacherous fights with schizophrenia . The student , John Cadigan , encountersa psychotic breakdown , showing the onset of the illness and causing him to fall out of school .

2/The Torment of Schizophrenia – This poignant videos gives a more scholarly and also academic look at the illness , amidst the sea of schizophrenia movies more suitable for the layperson . The video shows the ever-persistent remedial treatment troubles faced by psychiatric physicians providing care to these tormented sufferers .

The Community Broadcasting Services ( PBS ) academic programmers have generated many informative and instructive schizophrenia documentaries , found at most public libraries . Headings include : West 57th Road , A Brilliant Disorder , Secret Life of the Brain , and The Teenage Brain : A World of Their Own . Individuals wishing to buy these types of movies can do so at the PBS Net Store .

Movies about schizophrenia


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