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Mental illness statistics provided by NAMI

mental illness statistics

The following is a list of mental illness statistics mostly pulled from information offered by NAMI . Additional sources include organizations with specific interests in mental illness .

                                                       mental illness statistics
mental illness statistics

When I introduced this information to my ward , the only query I could think to ask was , “What do you think ?” Everybody only kind of sat there not knowing how to answer . Well , what exactly do you think ? 
Individually , I was surprised that mental disorder is this prevalent and costly . I memorize asking why a thing this big was so disregarded and hidden . I think a large part of it is that mental disorder has a stigma about it . For whatever reason , persons are scared to talk about it or deal with it in public , and can you criticize them ? One of the individuals who contributed her story specifically requested that I withhold her complete name , and she wasn’t the only 1 . In my personal family , I have many relatives who suffer from different degrees of mental disorder ranging from serious bipolar and OCD to relatively mild social panic , a lot of of them were worried about talking abouttheir stories in case an individual found out it was them . Of all the mental illness statistics , this really is the most distressing to me . 
It’s bad that individuals are unsure of their capability to talk about their illnesses in beneficial ways . There is a great deal of misconception , myths , and even anxiety regarding mental disorder , and this is truly a problem where education and also information leads to comprehending , respect , and development for both the victim and others . I sense very blessed that my family members has chosen to be largely open about mental disorder . It helps that my mother and father are trained NAMI representatives and that my dad is an authorized counselor ( guidance counselor ) . But that is not how it is all through most of the world . 

mental illness statistics


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