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Mental Illness Statistics - by the National Institute of Mental Health

Mental Illness Statistics : 

Approximately 26 .2 % of People in the USA , ages 18 and older - about 1 in 4 adults - suffer from a diagnosable psychological disorder in a particular year . When applied to the 2008 U .S. Census residential populational approximate for ages eighteen and older , this quantity translates to 57 .7 million people . 
Although psychic disorders are prevalent in the population , the main problem of illness is 
targeted in a small proportion - about 6 % , or 1 in 17 - who is suffering from a serious 
mental disorder . Additionally , mental disorders are the primary source of disability in the U .S . and also Canada for ages 15-44 . A lot of people suffer from many psychological disorder at a certain time . Nearly half ( 45 % ) of those with any psychic disorder meet requirements for several disorders , with serverity highly related to comorbidity . 

-Effect on Modern society : 

The problem of mental disorder on health and productivity in the USA and all over the world has long been underestimated . Information developed by the massive Global Problem of Disease Study executed by the World Health Organization , the World Bank and Harvard Universities , expose that mental disorder , including suicide , represents over 15 % of the burden of disorder in established market economies like the U .S . This is more than the illness burden caused by all cancer problems . 
These mental illness statistics can be discouraging . But , it is very important focus on the fact that individuals living with a mental disorder can be helped to recuperate and live to their maximum potential . This needs the commitment of the individual with the illness , caregivers , family members , church , good friends , government and also insurance providers . There is wish , but it takes commitment and effort .

Mental Illness Statistics by the National Institute of Mental Health
Mental Illness Statistics
Mental Illness Statistics


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