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Mental illness history :the past and future

Mental illness history

Medically , remedies for cancers and the frequent cold are all around in science fiction . However not often have I read anything predicting treatments for mental illnesses . 
Mental illness history
Searching Back "Mental illness history"

Mental illness was around as long as civilization -- perhaps longer . There is undoubtedly there were depressed individuals in Mesopotamia and even Atlantis . ( In reality , the Atlanteans are reputed to have been so extremelycreative , there must have been certain bipolars among them . ) Julia Pesek , composing on "The History of Bipolar Mood Disorder ," notices that mania and also depression along were first explained in the 2nd century A .D . 
Hippocrates believed mental illnesses were caused by physical sickness or an changes of bodily essential fluids called "humours ." Throughout some historical times , individuals with mental illnesses were thought to beacquired by demons . In Great britain , the charity medical center Bethlem started housing "lunatics" in 1403 . For the majority of of the following 400 years "Bedlam ," as it came to be named , managed its inmates by maintaining them in chains . 

Through the 19th and 20th decades , humankind discovered more and more about either physical and psychological health-care . Psychiatry was created with Freud and his supporters . Lithium was discovered . Tranquilizerseffectively handled patients who already would have been lobotomized . Anticonvulsants were discovered to work as mood stabilizers . Antidepressants started to train their miracles . Genetics and heredity became a scientific research . And along the way arrived computers , microscopes , magnetic resonance imaging , CT scans . 
Socially , we nevertheless have a very long way to go . There still exist countries and civilizations where the mentally sick are thought to be afflicted with devils as well as are not able to receive appropriate care . In the USA , a bigpercent of homeless individuals are psychologically ill . The uninsured can not obtain proper attention , and even individuals who have insurance battle with serious coverage limitations where there are no powerful parityregulations . Nor is there any specific standard of heather for the criminally insane . As well as the media , which designs community perception ( in the absence of individual experience ) , still by and large portrays just extreme factors of mental disorder . It doesn't take a scientific research fiction article writer to predict that developments in most these places will take position far more gradually than we need . 
This has been said by a lot of -- and I agree -- that overpopulation is the individual greatest threat confronting humanity . Sadly , community growth will mean improving urbanization , lesser nutrition , extra anxiety and moreillnesses of all types , and the incidence of depression symptoms and anger problems particularly will see a alarming increase . Health care resources will be stressed even more than they are currently .                 
But looking at the amazing improvements in medication and psychiatry during the last few decades , there is certainly reason to have wish , too . For example , Positron Emission Tomography ( PET ) is just a few years old , and has revolutionized the research of the brain . This new scientific research lets medical doctors to identify which regions of the brain are functioning under a particular group of circumstances just like during an epileptic seizure , or before and after a treatment has been given . The effects for neurobiological illnesses are thrilling .                              
There's no doubt now that a lot of psychological illnesses are inherited . Researchers continue to look for the genetic markers that point to BP . The long term might actually keep some type of gene treatment for bipolar disorder .Study also continues into the advantageous effects of rapid-rate transcranial magnetic stimulation ( rTMS ) . Can this exchange shock therapy ( ECT ) over time ? 

Looking Ahead "Mental illness history"

The 3rd millennium has fantastic potential . Aren't you pleased you were here to view it dawn ? Mental illness history
I also assume analysts are going to study how busy , loud and confining aspects of modern life we obtain pretty much take for granted -- superhighways , tvs , phones , elevators , residence complexes -- act as causes for mental illnesses that may otherwise have remained dormant . They're previously studying therapies like fish oil and light treatment , plus -- as always -- new and much better medications .              
In fact , it appears most likely that new medicines and remedies is going to be available well before there are good methods of distributing them to individuals who need them . However that's nothing new . It is encouraging to look at the traces of study previously under investigation . It is much more exciting to decide on the last fifty years to see how much progress was created in that short-period . And then we could imagine , like a science fictionauthor , how much we could expect not just from current study , but from irregular revolutions in technology , heredity and also biochemistry .

Mental illness history
Mental illness history


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