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Solutions to the destructive influences of mental illness discrimination!

mental illness discrimination

Definitely , it must be recognized that for stigmas to absolutely finish , everybody has a responsibility and obligation to do something towards positive change : as with the civil legal rights movement in the USA and entrenched systems of mental illness discrimination like the Apartheid system in South Africa , only via the continual and active efforts of a vocal citizenry will we be capable to end mental illness discrimination and promote an environment in which psychological disorders can be openly and freely treated by anybody in need of care . 
1/ To help cause positive change , the author recommends a range of measures that should be taken at the local , national and also worldwide level , people and advocacy organizations have to take action to defeat the two attitudes and actions that damage the mentally ill ; 

2/ Mental Health Parity and Psychological Health legal rights must be usually understood and embraced at all levels of society as fundamental human rights 

3/ Mental illness discrimination , already illegal under state and federal government law , should be seriously met with legal , financial and other punitive effects in the criminal and civil courts .

stop mental illness discrimination


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