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Employment – Disclosure V Mental illness discrimination

                                                       mental illness discrimination

mental illness discrimination

Well to the many of managers the choice is simple . It seems that managers prevent employing individuals with mental disorder
 as they falsely believe patients do not have the right competencies for the work environment , will cost the company cash or will make other workers uncomfortable . But in my opinion individuals with experience of mental illness can provide the same if not more than other applicants . It is not normal for people with mental illness to poses high levels of persistence and also strength of mind ; you have to in order to combat these disabling conditions . In relation to the working environment using someone with a disability might increase moral and motivation among the whole work force , witnessing someone who has battled through hard circumstances to achieve can be highly inspirational . Having a business that represents the wider community is also something that will be noticed and also valued by customers . 

Of course you can avoid the question concerning mental illness discrimination totally by keeping your condition secret and given all the negative media about stigma in offices this option appears ever more appealing . But it’s not that easy . I am a great fan of the combat to end mental illness discrimination and the only solution to do this is to open up and discuss , if I cover up my condition it’s not precisely sending the right message . It’s all very well doing what you think to be morally right but is this the right course of action when it can leave you unemployed for life ? 

A lot of sufferers have been refused job due to Mental illness discrimination to their medical diagnosis or as a result of being prescribed selected medication . Highly qualified persons may end up being restricted to low paid job opportunities simply as a consequence of their illness . Some thing needs to change or else groups will loose highly skilled talented employees . It’s all very well for the federal government to encourage the mentally ill back into work but this isn’t realistic while stigma by managers is so prevalent . It’s not a case of changing the attitude of the mentally ill however of the mindset of employers . 

mental illness discrimination


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