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Combating Mental Illness Discrimination

Mental Illness Discrimination

Around 25% of Britain’s people is going to be affected by mental illness Discrimination at some time during their life . In great britain there are laws laid out to protect against mental health discrimination . 

The Stigma of Mental Illness discrimination 

Although there are laws in place that forbid mental illness discrimination this kind of prejudice still frequently occurs . 9 out of 10 individuals who have been influenced by mental illness claim they have encountered discrimination . A recent study by the mental health charity Re-think discovered that family and companies were the least accepting groups . An astounding 92% of the community think that having a mental disorder might harm a person’s career chances . Mental illness discrimination is a problem that blocks sufferers from applying for tasks or even leaving the house . 
The Public’s Viewpoint on Mental Illness Discrimination

Movies dealing with mental illness have been mentioned as having a negative effect on the public’s opinion of mental illness victims . 1 Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest has been named as the most influential when it comes to people’s perceptions of those with mental troubles . Certain movies have tried to put across a positive important message such as A Wonderful Mind , Lady Interrupted and more recently The Soloist . Movies are seen as reinforcing the stereotypes of those suffering psychological health problems . This kind of prejudice gives the stigma connected to those with mental health issues . 

The Law code and Mental Illness Discrimination 

The Disability Discrimination Act 1995 does cover mental illness but there are particular conditions . Lawful protection will apply when the mental disorder counts as a incapacity . The terms and conditions for this are : 

The illness has lasted for twelve months or more 
The illness is likely to last twelve months or be recurring 
Past illnesses will still arrive under the discrimination act if they meet the twelve month rule 
Previous problems will also count if they have or still have a negative effect on day to day activities 
Negative effects can include difficulties with memory , concentration , speech patterns etc 

Managers and Mental Illness Discrimination 

An employer would not be capable to discriminate against those who have suffered from mental health issues under the Incapacity Discrimination Act . Employees are not lawfully needed to inform managers of their health pastbut if asked by a company it would be imprudent to lie . An employee who has been untruthful about their health issues can be ignored under a cause of gross misconduct . Managers who are considered as having this kind ofdisability cannot be treated unfairly unless there is a convincing reason . 

Services Discrimination and Mental Illness 

The Insurance coverage industry has been labeled as one sector where discrimination against people with mental illness still takes place . The Incapacity Discrimination Act is supposed to prevent individuals with mentalhealth problems from being treated unfairly when it comes to services , goods and also facilities . As an example , insurers cannot apply higher rates to those with mental health issues unless it is justifiable . A complaint should be made to the Financial Ombudsman if much higher rates or outright refusal of services has taken place . 

Fighting Mental Illness Discrimination 

There are many charities and also mental health organizations which are assisting to raise people’s knowledge of mental health problems . Groups such as Re-think and Mind are 2 of the major charities that exist in great britain . Time to Change is an additional mental health program with the principal objective of finishing mental illness discrimination . Changing the public’s viewpoints towards those with mental health issues is another of the main goals of the Time to Change program . This organisation also desires to decrease mental illness discrimination in the UK by 5% by the year 2012 . 
Mental illness discrimination is seen as one of the very most common discrimination kinds in great britain . The stigma connected with mental illness can destroy people’s lives and can add to the pressures felt by mental disorder victims . This kind of discrimination is an ongoing trouble . Educating the open public and eradicating the stigma are 2 ways to fight mental illness discrimination . Discrimination should never be tolerated and people who do practise discrimination can skin serious lawful consequences .

Mental Illness Discrimination


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